Wellness, Nutrition, and Exercise

Today, more and more of us are interested in a higher level of health called Wellness. Beyond merely feeling better and preventing health problems, we want to fully enjoy life by being at our very best mentally, physically, and socially. The World Health Organization has my favorite definition of health. “Health is the optimum state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”. I would add that true health is only possible with an optimally functioning nervous system. When your nervous system functions at its optimum, YOU function at your optimum! Remember that the first 50 years of chiropractic care was NOT about back and neck pain, it was about health care. Patients went to the chiropractor for regular adjustments because they knew that they would be less susceptible to contagious diseases. I highly recommend regular adjustments for a healthier you in 2004.

Balanced nutrition is necessary for maintenance and restoration of health. This is why most of you know I recommend removing fast food and other “offending” foods from your diet. Exercise is just as important as nutrition in order to keep our bodies healthy and working. Again most of you know that I highly recommend some form of regular exercise. Simply walking for 15-20 minutes a day is a win-win situation for you. Its good for your body and it reduces stress!

Chiropractic care, because of its focus on the nervous system, IS an important part of a wellness lifestyle. Maintaining a properly functioning nervous system is essential if you want to be your very best.

Good nutrition, exercise, and other preventive measures are part of a wellness lifestyle. I can’t think of anything more important than adding regular chiropractic care to your other health practices. Have a safe and healthy holiday and 2004. See you in the office!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Brian Moravec