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Dr. Brian Moravec
Dr. Brian

“I have chosen to devote my life to chiropractic because I want to make a difference in the quality of peoples lives and their health. After seeing the benefits of chiropractic care myself, I want everyone I come in contact with to experience the same kind of health freedom my family and I enjoy. If you are seeking a new approach to health and wellness, please feel free to make an appointment for a no charge consultation. I will be happy to answer any health related questions for anyone.”

“I have been serving this community for over 18 years. If there is anyway that I may be of service to you or your family please do not hesitate to call me personally at my office.”

“. . .and best of all I have been actually sleeping through the night and being able to move when I get out of bed! That hasn’t happened since I was a child!”

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At a modern chiropractic office, your doctor is committed to using the highest quality research and clinical grade instrumentation available for the purpose of detecting and correcting the vertebral subluxation.

Additional Services!

In addition to us improving ourselves by obtaining the latest technology and equipment we also added the additional services of Manual Massage Therapy, Mechanical Massage / Intersegmental traction, and flexation distraction technique specific for the treatment of disc herniation(s).

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