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Kari Caswell

“Dear Doctor Brian – I am writing to express the greatest appreciation for making my back feel better than it has in years! For at least 15 years I have had constant back pain from my scoliosis. I have seen many doctors, several specialists, a lot of different chiropractors, and I have frequently visited the E. R. for unbearable pain. Everyone I have ever seen always quite simply stated that I would have to live with the pain and to just take muscle relaxers, go to physical therapy, or give me shots of pain medication. My back pain has caused me to not be able to do a lot of the things that I would like to be able to do daily.”

“I was referred to you through my husband who had heard of your practice through a friend of his. I thought what the heck. One more try. It can’t hurt, right? I have been seeing you only for a very short period of time (about 2 weeks). I have felt more drastic results than anyone has ever helped me with before. I feel better than I can possibly explain. I can twist, bend, and best of all I have been actually sleeping through the night and being able to move when I get out of bed! That hasn’t happened since I was a child!”

“You have the care, the time, knowledge to spend with me. You have taught me a lot about my back also in this short period of time. I will continue to refer you to everyone I know, because in my opinion and experience I feel you are definitely the most qualified and wonderful chiropractor I have ever met.”

“Thank you once again!” – Kari Caswell

Michael R.

“Dr. Brian Moravec is ten times better than the chiropractor I went to before. I noticed an improvement almost right away! I’m glad I found him.”

Kim B.

“Dr. Brian adjusted me during my first pregnancy and now again for my second. During both pregnancies I have felt great and have had no problems. I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy. I feel that being adjusted while pregnant helped my body through pregnancy and labor, and am looking forward to delivering another healthy baby!”

Kim P.

“I have always tried to deal with back pain on my own terms. After meeting Dr. Brian I decided to take the step in the right direction, and ask to see him for an appointment. Dr. Brian’s procedures, and educational mentoring on chiropractic care has helped my family understand our skeletal makeup, and how important and how simple chiropractic care can be.”

Amy C.

“Dr. Brian is great ever since I have been coming here he has helped me a lot. Chiropractic care has helped me a lot and I will continue to keep coming to keep up my health in good condition.”

Lori V.

“Dr. Brian has helped my back a lot. I always had pain in my back that I thought I would have to live with. He has helped and taught me a lot about my back.”

Nancy S.

“I came to Dr. Moravec with pain in my neck and shoulder that kept me up at night. After going through his treatment plan I’ve improved tremendously. I would say to anyone who is having problems, give Dr. Moravec a chance to help you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the friendly atmosphere and the change he will make in the quality of your life.”

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